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Welcome to Redecorating the Soul

Envision, Engage and Embolden your Dreams!

Are you ready to fall madly in love with your life? 


We are so excited that you are taking the time to visit us here at Redecorating the Soul! A site we created for explorers, visionaries and dreamers - a place where together we Envision, Engage & Embolden our Dreams!

"Make your dreams so clear that your fears become irrelevant!"

If you are reading this, we are going to make the assumption that you are, at the very least, curious as to how this program might make a difference for you. At this early stage we cannot be sure of your specific personal interest; it could be a challenge, goal, or simply exploratory! However, what we do know is this, people come into our community for a wide range of needs:

  • Personal Health & Wellness
  • Personal Creativity and/or Self-Expression
  • Relationships - past, present or future
  • Vibrant Mind, Body & Spirit Health
  • Career or Business
  • Finding Prosperity and or Happiness in Everyday Life!

This community provides much more than just a cure or a fix! We work with the landscape of your life, creating fertile ground from which your dreams and inspirations can be nurtured into full bloom. This community provides you with tools and support, enabling you to engage a process that builds and sustains a life you will undoubtedly fall madly in love with. That’s our commitment to you, that’s why we are here.

Won't you join us?

We provide you with several options, based on what you are looking for. This is an opportunity to engage with a community of Explorers, Visionaries and Dreamers and leverage the tools/services we offer for your journey!

  • EXPLORE: Jump In & Look Around – Click the EXPLORE button at the top and take a look around - we hope you enjoy the wisdom bites we share with our guests.
  • JOIN: This Membership Is Free – you can join using an email address so you receive regular updates, notifications about events or special online activities. It’s a place to share in the experience of emboldening your life! Together, as a community, we share stories and experiences to support each other in our respective travels! 
  • COMING SOON: The Deliberate Transformation Project – online courses offering a truly unique approach to transforming your life. Based on timeless concepts, these courses bring you a practical formula that enables you to discover and engage new potential in your life! Whether it’s health, finance, relationships, career etc., this framework leverages your unique core values to build and sustain momentum that will carry you into the life of your dreams!
  • PERSONALIZED COACHING: With Beth and/or Jim – Beth & Jim offer one on one coaching, personal interactions that will inspire and challenge you. We support you as you explore and engage new perspectives and activities, aligning your choices, actions and reactions to your goals and dreams. In today’s world uncertainty is the new norm, and we can either fight it, or learn to embrace it and thrive! For us, thriving is to create a life you fall madly in love with – over and over, again and again!

It lights us up to share in the beauty and magic we create together - exploring life's ever-present potential, which is always all around us, every day. We are here to serve our members, creating a vibrant world that thrives in the expression of this infinite potential, which Life innately endows us with. 

It's this beauty and magic we are here to uncover, to bring into our experience so that it is deeply felt - inspiring you to create and live your own forms of self-expression. It moves us to the core when we do these things, we hope that it touches the lives of those who share this with us and the hearts of those around them.

We can't wait to meet you!

Yours in Beauty & Magic,

James Gehring & Beth Schreibman Gehring

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